Nine Network Comes to Covenant Place

Written by Jeni Hollander

The morning of Wednesday, May 28th, a film crew from the Nine Network came to Covenant Place to film activities and interviews highlighting the future building redevelopment plans of Covenant Place. The crew is producing a video that will be shown on June 26, 2014 when Covenant Place will be honored at the annual St. Louis Planned Giving Council Legacy Awards.

Before the activities began, members of the Nine Network gathered in a room to set up chairs, lighting, and sound for the interviews that would be held there.  During this time, they discussed how they wanted to film the Chair Yoga Session and the Covenant Choral Practice.

First, they filmed Chair Yoga.  The instructor, Larry Glass, who holds sessions twice a week at Covenant Place, urged his participants to disregard the cameras and extra spectators and to focus on the importance of self and spirit.  He continued with his ritual yoga exercises.

The interviews were held after footage of the Yoga Session was complete.  The production crew interviewed Harvey Hieken, a World War II veteran and important donor to Covenant Place.  He spoke of his involvement in Covenant Place and his wishes for the new Covenant Place building, which will be located in the lot across from the current Covenant Place.

The next interview was with Joan Denison, Executive Director of Covenant Place.  She elaborated more on the plans for the new building, and the functions and role of the organization itself.  The interviews were wrapped up with shots of Hieken and Denison discussing plans for the new building together.

To conclude their day at Covenant Place, the Nine Network crew filmed the Covenant Chorale Practice, a choir group that meets every Wednesday, directed by Robert Denison, in which a number of residents and community members are involved.  They rehearsed for an upcoming performance with a set of six songs from various musicals.  As a part of the set, a different member would introduce each song before the whole group chimed in with their lovely and lively sound.

Channel Nine’s visit to Covenant Place gave great attention to the hopes and plans for the new building, as well as just a few of many of the activities residents and nonresidents alike take advantage of at Covenant Place.